What is SavaBros?

Some would say we’re a publisher in the “survival” and “self reliance” markets. Others would say we’re an “integrated advertising agency”. The truth is in the middle. We’re publishing books, and we’re pretty good at it. But what we’re great at is selling information products online, through direct response advertising.

What We DO:

We help people regain their peace of mind – by becoming more self-reliant and self sufficient in all aspects of life: from putting food on the table, to keeping your loved one safe, and staying in good health.

We believe in self-determination and personal independence – with as little interference as possible from governments or large corporations. Our mission is to help millions of people cut the cord from the Big Governments and Big Corporations that are trying to rule our lives.

Our website Survivopedia.com is one of the leading self-reliance websites in the USA, and we’re the proud publishers of best-selling courses like Backyard Liberty, Bulletproof Home and Survival MD.

Some of our partners include Independent Living News and Bright AgroTech, Clickbank, Avangate.

Our Team

We’ve tried to create a work environment free of the typical Romanian plagues: we’re keeping office politics down to a minimum, we focus on results, and we try to make work fun.

We’re a small team of smart, funny, hard-working specialists who are pushing to become the #1 company in self-reliance. High ambition, radical honesty and a results-oriented mindset are encouraged at SavaBros.

There’s still a bit of start-up mentality, a chronic lack of “bossy-ness” and sometimes a bit of chaos. Which means that, unlike in many corporations, people here have an opportunity to create their own roles, and “leapfrog” to the top, unlike many corporations.

It’s a safe environment where ideas are welcome regardless of your pay-level. You can argue with your boss (and sometimes win). You can leapfrog your way to the top (we’ve had 21 year-olds reach junior-partner level). You can fail forward and learn from your mistakes.


Traian Sava,
CEO SavaBros

Traian started or was involved in 15 failed businesses before discovering online copywriting. After that, he ended up writing for Kaiax Inc., and did 10-12 “successful” projects there, at least 3 of which broke the million dollar mark. He wrote the famous HomeMadeEnergy, and the infamous TeslaSecret and Johnson Motor salesletters.

In 2012 Traian decided to start his own business, and to sell legit products he and his team could actually be proud of. 6 months into the business they had Backyard Liberty, a legendary aquaponics / survival food offer that did over 150,000 initial sales. Ever since, they’ve been doing successful survival offers, and are one of the few “survival” players constantly coming up with new offers.

Key personal strengths: copywriting, consulting, positioning, idea generation, mentoring


Alex Sava,
Cofounder & Affiliate Manager SavaBros

Since the company’s late 2012 start, Alex grew a network of 5000 affiliates, that dominates ClickBank’s survival niche – 3 out of the top 5 products are SavaBros offers, under the Survivopedia brand.

He currently oversees management of a 160k+ email list, marketing, business development and human resources for both the local SavaBros team and the international one.

Strengths: strong networking skills, sales, risk management, leadership.

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SavaBros is a Top Client and part of Clickbank’s Platinum Program. “CONGRATULATIONS on the tremendous success you had over the course of 2015! ClickBank is very grateful to have you on board as a client.”




Job TilePosting DateApply
Online Marketing Specialist11-March-2016
Accountant (US market competent)11-March-2016
Assistant Manager11-March-2016

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